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Services & prices

The development of a design project is a multi-stage and rather time-consuming process and usually takes 6-8 weeks.

The cost for design project  development is   50-60 EUR per m2 , depending on the area of premises and the complexity of the object.

The first meeting

  • The first consultation is always free of charge, during the meeting we carefully listen to customer requirements and determine the volume and complexity of work.
  • It is perfect, if the customer already has a vision of the future interior and can show his preferences on the example of interior images collections.
  • The customer should also have inventory floor plan.
  • During the first meeting with the customer we make up Terms of Reference (BRIEF), which will include the main requirements on the layout, style, decoration materials, colour solutions. At this stage we will discuss the terms and budget of your project. BRIEF will help us learn more about you and understand your preferences.
  • The consultation can be held in our office, on site or in the cafe.

The signing of the contract and the measurements of premises

The next meeting usually takes place at the site, our experts make measurements and photo images of the premises, the parts sign the contract, and the customer makes prepayment.

Sketch design

Next, we make Sketch Design— we offer several options for planning decisions with furniture (usually 2-3 options).

The sketches and mood board of the stylistic and colour scheme for each room.

3D visualization

After the approval of the sketch design, we make photo-realistic 3D-visualization of main premises (2-3 angles for each room) with carefully selected decoration materials, furniture and lighting. At this stage, you will get the maximum idea of the future interior.

Technical  Project

The technical project  is performed in parallel with the 3D-visualization and finalized after approval of all 3D visualizations. The project includes a complete package of technical documentation (drawings with specifications), which are necessary for the realization of the design project.

After completing and approving the design project we can proceed with the selection of the working team, request for estimates for works and rough materials, and begin repairs.

Assembly of the object

5 EUR / m2    (a separate contract must be signed).

Budgeting for finishing materials, equipment, furniture and décor, based on the specifications of the design project, specifying the main characteristics, price, terms of delivery and contacts of the supplier.

We will help you significantly reduce the time for the selection and purchase of necessary finishing materials, furniture, equipment and decor used in the design project.

We provide a full list of works related to the assembly of objects.

Author’s supervision

500 EUR    per month

It includes a range of services, necessary for the implementation of approved design project, the decision of problems on site related to the mismatch of the project, as well as coordination of all suppliers and contractors on site.

Find out the price of your certain project; just write to us and indicate the area of the object, its address and the planned budget.

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